The Röstbo project

Filizhan Ünlütürkler Yarar (right) and Leenarani M N (left) are at the helm of the Röstbo project in port. The Röstbo project, a new operating site in Kilafor’s switchgear system, was developed and connected on behalf of and together with Alstom and the Swedish Transport Administration. As part of the capacity improvements on the Ostkustbanan, the railway yard has been extended to handle long trains up to 750 meters and expanded to three railway tracks. The tracks can now handle 25 tonnes of axle load so that more and heavier trains can meet at the same time, which increases the overall capacity for more freight and passenger traffic. Project Röstbo is one of many projects that are needed to push development further towards a sustainable society. The railway is the most sustainable means of transport and we can push for increased capacity and availability with relatively simple means and expertise. Filizhan has acted as project manager for the Röstbo switchgear system and Leena as safety coordinator, both on behalf of Alstom. We thank you for good cooperation! Find more information here: Daniel Bardvall Trafikverket Alstom #Railify #sustainability #sustainablemobility #interlocking

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