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We deliver effective solutions and provide your business with competence, increased capacity, and innovation.

Our vision

We continuously contribute to improving and making accessible our modern time’s most sustainable modes of public transportation – rail transport.

Railify is the connecting bridge between politics, academia, and the industry, through a transfer of competence and experience. By understanding the overarching pressure that the industry is facing, we want to provide our services and expertise to achieve and exceed sustainability targets, thus help make our society and climate a better place – for everyone.

Our mission

With over a century of collective competence from the railway industry, Railify’s mission is to accelerate organizations in their sustainability-driven journey in-line with global and regional legislations and targets. More importantly, the aim is to be proactive when influencing our surroundings by encouraging the industry to aim higher and facilitate the sustainability grit required to reach more ambitious and value-driven goals.

Structured and effective solutions

With the accumulated competency within our team, we can engage throughout the entire railway value chain. We offer structured and effective End-to-End solutions to problems and opportunities that our customers are facing with a promise of achieving their goals and ambitions.

about us


Development is at the very core of Railify. To provide quality services to our customers, we are adamant on continuously improving the internal knowledge basis of our team by staying up to date with the demands of our customers. We encourage a bilateral knowledge transfer between us, academia, and the industry, where we, through curiosity, responsibility, and mentorship, create a positive learning culture.

“Sharing knowledge is instrumental for development”

Excellence is present in every grain of our work at Railify. With extensive experience from the railway- and sustainability sector, we possess the competence to deliver qualitative value to our customers. Our team members are our instruments of success, and we seek to implement our vision professionally for the benefit of our customers and environment. With a team personified by quality, passion, and capability we drive for achieving excellence. 

“We always go the extra mile”

Diversity at Railify is about the strength we provide through our differences. With a range of different academic-, cultural-, and professional backgrounds in our team, we nurture and encourage our diversity by challenging the status quo when delivering value to customers. We believe in respect and inclusiveness, which is applied internally within Railify as well as externally to our surroundings.

“Challenge tradition with diversity”

Integrity is synonymous with our values here at Railify. It is an umbrella term encompassing the fundamental values that we treat each other and our environment with. Upholding transparency, commitment, and authenticity in our day-to-day practice is key for our organization. We believe in doing the “right thing”, which is to deliver while adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards.

“Stand by your word”


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The team behind Railify AB

Anders Jenry

Grundare och VD

Anders Jenry

Grundare och VD

Anders Jenry

Grundare och VD

Anders Jenry

Grundare och VD

Our services

We offer services in product sustainability, rolling stock, QHSE, eco-design, commercial management, signaling systems.

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